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Energy saving door cam

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It's not super neat, mainly becuase we're renting but this project uses a PIR motion sensor to activate a LCD behind the front door. When someone walks up to the front door, the camera and the LCD monitor are powered on for around a minute. There is also a button behind the front door to do manually activate the camera and LCD.

The cam and sensor setup.


The manual power button, which is illuminated.


How it looks from outside, pretty discrete.


Sensor Box 

I didn't use any PCB to hold the electrical components, just wired them all together, with some heat-shrink tube to avoid shorting wires. Here is the sensor box, after frying a 5v SS relay, now all working.

sensor schematic.jpg 

Inside manual button box

button schematic.jpg The button schematic doesnt include the wiring for the illumination, which is just a resistor inline with the 12v light to slightly dim it.

The whole thing is powered by a 2A 12V power block, which uses around 1W standby and 6W when activated.


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the crappy ebay PIR sensor fails too much, so I moved most of the stuff in one box, so the outside sensor only has a 12v->5v converter and the 5v PIR sensor, this may be replaced by a half decent sensor...